Claims and Conveyance is a complex process requiring analysis of many servicing protocols, such as timeline adherence, expense & advance management, exception handling, title perfection and property maintenance. Mismanagement of any of these can result in significant claim curtailments and thousands of dollars in loan level losses.

Taking this into account at scale is a calculation that has never been more crucial. To solve for this and more, OrangeGrid teamed up with industry analyst and process expert Rodney Cadwell to create the first truly comprehensive claims solution. By taking a proactive approach with all loan-level financials and leveraging OrangeGrid’s unmatched workflow automation toolsets, efficient claims management at any scale is finally a reality.


Be Proactive

OrangeGrid has unified default loan-level financial management with comprehensive claims management and filing, so you aren’t working backwards to assess timelines and gather documents from siloed repositories:

  • PROACTIVELY manage all exception, advance and expense details throughout the entire default process, not just once a loan is identified as fileable.

  • Consolidated document libraries and intelligent tracking makes it easy to identify which claimable items are missing documents or over-allowables.

  • Claim identification, Tracking & Filing is all intuitively unified with financial management data & documents, effectively eliminating the forensic scramble.


  • OrangeGrid’s Comprehensive Claims Management System provides the foundation and key automated tools to streamline the process, improve risk management, increase loan level returns and perform a comprehensive loss analysis.

  • Claims management demands a flawless orchestration of complex servicing protocols. We’ve digitized these protocols in automated workflows that introduces unprecedented efficiency and accuracy, with the goal of greatly decreasing loan level losses.


  • Workflows built around financial management, exception handling and expense/advance management
  • Workflow steps and dependencies
  • Dynamic Tasking
  • Kick off automated workflow with built-in rules and roles
  • Bring attorneys, vendors, and third parties into your workflow and automate tasks to dynamically assign to appropriate parties
  • Automated form & document generation
  • Integrated quality control checks and approvals
  • Comprehensive Ad-Hoc Reporting

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Our solution is comprehensive enough to be implemented off-the-shelf, yet agile enough to be easily configured without over-burdening IT resources or impacting business continuity. Because it’s built using OrangeGrid’s No-Code Development Platform, significant changes at any level of the application can usually be accomplished in hours or days rather than weeks or months, making it relatively easy and cost-efficient to conform your digital processes to regulatory changes or your organization’s ever-evolving process requirements.

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Rodney Cadwell

OrangeGrid teamed up with Rodney Cadwell of AIMD Consulting to build an out-of-the-box solution for claims management using OrangeGrid’s No-Code Development Platform. Rodney is a proven mortgage servicing technology leader and industry strategist with an intimate knowledge of the complex nuances of claims management. With over 20 years of experience, Rodney combines his expertise in technology and business to deliver successful outcomes, time and time again. He has demonstrated success in both technology and business leadership roles, delivering industry leading software, large-scale data management, and successful P&L management.

Prior to starting his own consulting firm, Rodney served as Senior Vice President at Black Knight Financial Services with duties including Product Management, Business Development, and Business Strategy. Before joining Black Knight Financial Services, he was Executive Vice President of Asset Management and Business Solutions at Arch Bay Capital. Rodney has a BA in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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