If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a good grasp of why digital transformation is playing such a crucial role in the struggle to compete and survive in today’s marketplace and beyond. Keeping legacy systems up to speed while retaining a competitive edge is expensive, cumbersome and eventually largely impossible.

More so by the day, technology and market demands are evolving at a breathtaking pace. Discerning business leaders are realizing they need more than just a new tech solution to keep the pace, they need a new approach to technology…

OrangeGrid is a next-generation No-Code Development Platform (NCDP) that takes an entirely new approach to software development. This approach empowers any trained user to quickly and affordably build powerful, enterprise-class software applications for business process layering & workflow automation.

OrangeGrid’s unique No-Code framework consists of common software objects compiled in a user interface accessible enough for any citizen developer to harness, and yet powerful enough to configure core-system applications for large scale enterprises.

Our unique framework and cutting-edge approach to development empowers business leaders to create and automate complex workflows for themselves, their customers, and their vendors. The result is a robust and highly configurable framework meeting the demands of today, with the agility to meet future demands without delay.


  • Greatly reduced costs to build and deploy

  • Residual cost savings by avoiding the need to burden internal IT teams with maintenance, changes and service requests

  • Slashed time-to-market by typically developing applications in days or weeks, not the many months or even years for traditional SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

  • Deployment and augmentation of workflow automation without disruptions to business continuity

  • Empowerment of business leaders and units to quickly build applications perfectly aligned with the business vision and needs

  • Reduced dependency and pressure on the IT department

  • Agility to make changes to any layer of the application quickly, keeping ahead of changing business needs and market demands

  • Ability to layer limitless processes and complex workflows to scale

  • Seamless integration with many 3rd party services & vendors

  • Options to either integrate or consolidate legacy systems. OrangeGrid can integrate with legacy systems until you’re ready to take the next step in your transformation efforts and consolidate.

  • Configuration training and certification is free (learn more about certifications)

  • Powerful technology tools available right out-of-the-box in our GridControls build environment


GridControls is OrangeGrid’s No-Code configuration environment. We’ve done the heavy lifting by creating common software objects and components all configured by any certified user in a graphic user interface. Brief descriptions of key system components shown by clicking each (to the right)

Library of existing data tables & fields compiled and defined for certain object types. Custom tables and fields are easily added as needed.

Allows control over the fields and design layout of system objects using common layout elements, such as headers, sections, tabs, controls, etc.

Files & Tracks represent the parent/child relationship between business objects and business processes

Workflows are easily configured by specifying the function, dependencies, attributes and actions of each workflow step.

Simple & complex business rule-sets may be implemented to govern automated business decisions

Bring key resources (including clients and vendors) into your workflows through tasking, triggering activities and data input at any step in the process.

Define document and message (email) templates that can be triggered manually by a user, or auto-generated by workflow steps.

Bring the most relevant data to the surface with configurable & interactive dashboards that serve as user landing pages


GridTracks is the end-result of a GridControls configuration. It is the application end-user portal accessed and experienced daily by all internal users and integrated clients/vendors.

OrangeGrid’s parent/child structure is an architecture optimized for easy consolidation and layering of multiple macro business processes. The result is maximal efficiency, visibility & accessibility of all key data and process operations, in real-time.

WORKFLOW simplified

In order to build a workflow solution that is optimized for highly complex processes, we decided to take a simplified approach to concept and functionality. The simplicity of design allows for ease of configuration and demonstrates the principle that complex problems don’t always require a complex solution.

In business, workflows exist for the purpose of subdividing lengthy, complex and disjointed components of a single overarching process. Workflows are essential for any comprehensive, meaningful process improvements in that they allow for isolation of manageable segments that can be analyzed and optimized.

OrangeGrid’s Workflows are where the rubber truly meets the road for measurable process acceleration and efficiency through automation. Our proprietary automation applied to Workflow serves the function of orchestrating flow of business exactly according to your specifications regarding:

  • All steps involved
  • The correct order of these steps, by drag and drop creation of heirarchical dependencies
  • Business rules for decision automation
  • Automated queries (of system database, or via API calls to 3rd party services/systems of record) that identify and verify all requirements are satisfied in order to progress a given step
  • Speed of progression
  • Exceptions/Variations
  • Coordination of resources via automated Tasking, Document generation and Messages
  • Many other configurable attributes for all but endless permutations in functionality and process flow



  • 3 tiered architecture

  • In-line Web Application Firewall identifies and blocks emerging threats

  • Network based DDoS and IDS

  • End-to-End transport channel encryption

  • Client dedicated databases supporting encryption

  • Customer managed Role Based Access Controls

  • Single Sign On

  • Robust auditing engine

  • Quarterly PEN and Vulnerability testing


  • Based on COBIT 5 and ISO/IEC 27001

  • OWASP compliant

  • SIG/BITS compliant

  • Robust operational polices, preventative and detective controls