Rethinking Your Mortgage Servicing Ecosystem

Responding to Increasing Risks and Costs

Time and time again the inability to adapt to new technologies and changing market conditions has proven the achilles heel of once leading companies. With technology, the challenges are all too familiar for the financial services industry and even more troublesome for those in mortgage servicing who remain handcuffed to antiquated technology systems.

The legacy systems still in use today are antiquated, impede business, cost a fortune to maintain, and lack the affordable change agility necessary to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements of our dynamic industry. The purpose of this white paper is not to convince you of that – you are living that!

The confounding issue is that most software solutions are coded in product-specific silos based on specific business requirements. But as requirements evolve, a business continues to face production delays associated with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). How quickly will your company be able to adapt to new business opportunities or the ever-changing regulatory requirements?

Download your FREE copy of this white paper to learn how other market leaders are taking advantage of new technology to achieve quick wins, reduce migration risks, manage costs, and returning the focus of leadership time toward tackling market – not system – challenges.


This white paper is for those who feel the pain of years of homegrown applications, countless third-party software applications, and a workforce impeded by repetitive actions in technology systems that don’t speak with one another. 

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About the Author

OrangeGrid teamed up with proven mortgage servicing technology leader and industry strategist Rodney Cadwell of AIMD Consulting, to evaluate OrangeGrid’s no-code approach to business process workflow digitization and its potential impact on the mortgage servicing industry. With over 18 years of experience, Rodney combines his experience in technology and business, to deliver successful outcomes. He has demonstrated success in both technology and business leadership roles delivering industry leading software, large-scale data management, and successful P&L management.

Prior to advising OrgangeGrid with AIMD Consulting, Rodney served as Senior Vice President at Black Knight Financial Services with duties including Product Management, Business Development, and Business Strategy. Before joining Black Knight Financial Services, he was Executive Vice President of Asset Management and Business Solutions at Arch Bay Capital. Rodney has a BA in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.