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A.J. Mitchell

Born and raised in a suburban town just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, AJ was provided a career path that was stable but stagnate. In 2005, young and full of drive, AJ headed out west to sunny southern California to pursue his dream of working in technical wonderland.

Starting his technical career at RES.NET as a customer support representative, AJ experienced firsthand what it took to build successful working relationships. Working diligently and learning from some of the best technical experts in the business, AJ was rapidly promoted into several different positions, everything from, help desk, application support, application management, account management, project management, business analysis, and then finally finishing his career there as a Technical Services Manager.

In addition to his day career, AJ found his entrepreneurial spirit and co-founded an event social networking application called SquaredOut.

AJ is known to be one of the nicest guys you’ll meet, therefore he grows a ferocious beard as an intimidation factor.