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Bryan Nguyen

Born in the windy city of Chicago, but raised most of his life in Southern California, Bryan was always big into Math and Science. He took a special interest in the dynamics of modified street cars. The need for speed and precision was in his blood, so much he opened his own garage in his early 20’s.

Furthering his interest in technology, Bryan enrolled in ITT Tech. By 2010, Bryan started his technical career at RES.NET, as a Quality Assurance Analyst. Within this role, he learned the inner workings of the Software Development Life Cycle and working in agile environments, utilizing SCRUM methodology. In order for Bryan to master his job of quality controlling the software code, he had to gain an extreme understanding of the user that would adopt the technology. This is where he gained his largest experience in the utilization of technology for process improvement.

Gaining greater experiences for his passion of cars and technology, Bryan and his crew recently spent 18 days in Tokyo Japan, soaking up the tech culture. One of the most fascinating things Bryan found about Japan, besides the amazing food, was the enormous amount of attention to efficiency. Everything from transportation to a focus on space efficiency, brings a deeper vision of how we can be more efficient in our daily business.

Bryan joined OrangeGrid in 2015 to develop and deploy the newly formed software QA team. He looks forward to delivering a quality product, with enormous efficiency gains across multiple business verticals.