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Dave Garland

Dave Garland invests heavily in the intersection of technology and real estate. As a strategist for OrangeGrid, Garland pairs his passion for innovation with an essentialist leadership style that values collaboration, clarity and creativity. In over 14 years of entrepreneurship, he has established, led and managed advisory, technology and investment firms each dedicated to the pursuit of increased yield to stakeholders.

In addition to advising top global residential and commercial real estate organizations on everything from marketing and communications to IT and corporate finance, Garland prides himself in being able to roll up his sleeves on the operational side. Mr. Garland is also the visionary behind new real estate based technology initiatives including B2B social media competitive intelligence systems, and the creation of online national and international property training, acquisition, and disposition programs.

Garland is a Licensed Real Estate Broker, Certified Construction Specialist, member of the Urban Land Institute and sits on the board of directors at Sustainable Land Development International. He is a passionate advocate for the proper application of technology in real estate and frequently can be found on stage speaking at industry events when not on the golf course correcting his slice. Mr. Garland holds a BA, Summa Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame; a degree from Oxford University and an MBA from the Melbourne Business School.