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Grant Yurada


A graduate from The Art Institute of California with a BA in Interactive Multimedia & Web Design, Grant is passionate about the end user experience of online applications and media. Whether reinventing something to make it more user friendly or starting from scratch and taking something offline to online, Grant understands the complex process of identifying with different user types, trends, and innovation, to deliver a solid solution.

Grant brings over a decade of experience in his field, working in creative direction capacities such as Experian, Device Pharm,, Doner, AlignMed, Nightlife Magazine, American Trans Data, RCH Designs, Steady Clothing, Hurley, and also has Freelanced with several other companies along his journey.

Grant enjoys his position as Creative Director, because he gets to interact with the CEO, development team, sales team, and project team, providing balance to the OrangeGrid universe.