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Jennifer Leuenberger

Jennifer, also known by her customers and colleagues as “Jen”, learned core values of life from her grandparents who raised her from the early stages of life. She always carries out the phrase her grandmother preached, “Do onto others as you want done onto you”.

This sweetie pie of a southern California girl is a multi-tasker, juggling work with other passions, such as her son, volleyball, weight lifting competitions, and letting her hair down. Jen has always participated in team sports and received a Volleyball scholarship to Cal Poly Pomona, where she majored in Liberal Studies with a minor in English.

Starting her career in child development, teaching youth and taking a role as assistant director to a major development center, seemed like the natural career path. Due to the economic downturn within the industry, Jen took a career leap into Mortgage Banking in 2008. Working for USRES for 7 years, as the REO manager, Jen worked with several major financial institutions, assisting with business strategies in the liquidation of their loan assets.

Jen joined the OrangeGrid team in 2015 as a Business Analyst, to assist our customers in strategic initiatives around process improvement. Jen loves working in environments where good business people embrace digital solutions. She hopes one day technology will bring more peace and harmony to the world.