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Ryan Werts


Since the early age of eight years old, Ryan has expressed extreme interest in computer technology. So much at the age of 12, prior to the internet as we know it today, Ryan established a home grown BBS (bulletin board system) to exchange data with friends and test each other’s cyber security capabilities.

A graduate of University of California Santa Barbara in Computer Engineering, Ryan took his childhood experience, with his education and started his career with RealtyTrac. Later, working with SpeakTECH (a Microsoft partner), and several consulting jobs, Ryan’s in depth experience had landed him a leading role with RES.NET as Chief Architect.

Ryan possesses a strong passion for software architecture, for it’s the key blueprint that makes the difference of whether the software falls short of requirements or delivers a cutting edge, high performing solution.

Coworkers often have to ask Ryan to translate conversation, such as his favorite phrase “0x4f 0x47 0x20 0x4c 0x69 0x66 0x65”, which is ASCII code for “OG Life”.